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Learn Algebra this summer to be ahead next fall!

Get ahead this summer with our guided and personalized Algebra 1 eCourse. Our interactive eCourse is aligned with common core standards and includes personalized tutoring options.

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A student should have completed Pre-Algebra (or a similar course) before enrolling in Algebra 1.

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This course starts June 7, 2021 with rolling enrollment throughout the summer.

Learn the most important concepts for Algebra, which will prepare you for success this academic year and build your foundational skills for all future math courses. This is a 30-lesson course, aligned with the Common Core standards used in schools across the U.S., and is a great fit for students to take as a preparatory, supplementary, or review course—whether you're getting ready for Algebra in the fall or refreshing your skills from the prior year. 
Key topics include the structure of expressions, equations and inequalities, forms and features of functions, exponential functions, and polynomial operations.   

Course details and pricing:

  • 30 total lessons (estimated 30-hour course)
  • Algebra 1 with teaching services: $120
  • Optional private tutoring add-ons:
    • 5 hours for $200
    • 10 hours for $400 
    • Additional group live and recorded lessons for $50

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last day to enroll?

  • The last day to enroll is Aug. 2, 2021. 

What exactly is meant by group live and recorded lessons?

  • There will be a calendar of five lessons. Each will be recorded for on-demand anytime listening. 

Is there an assessment done prior to enrollment?

  • No, there is no assessment. 


pexels-zen-chung-5538618Forward-thinking and flexible, tailored for you.

Algebra 1 is typically the first math course in high school, and our Learning Coach is ready to help you every step of the way.

Our interactive Algebra 1 course will guide you through expressions, systems of equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, radical and rational expressions, and more.

At the end of each unit, you will show what you've learned by completing an exam focused on problems involving applications of the concepts you've just learned. You'll be on your way to earning a Certificate of Completion before you know it.

Need more information? Contact your Learning Coach, Alisha Zak, at (412) 438-3006 or Alisha.Zak@edisonlearning.com.